About the maker


I’m Katherine, and I am the ideas and the hands behind all of the products at The Drummond Craft Co.


I create all of my items here in rural Scotland, not far from beautiful Loch Lomond, where I live with my husband, my little boy and my dog.

Believe it or not, I am actually a musician - a classical flautist. However, during the Covid Pandemic 2020, all of my work suddenly came to a stand still…. No concerts, no performing, and no live music.

I missed having that finished “product” of a concert. So, I started experimenting with jewellery making, to give myself a creative outlet with a means to an end.

As with music, I am always learning and developing, so any “finished product” is only a representation of me in that moment.

Art and creativity is a subjective feast - that’s what I love about it. But I really do hope you find lots of treats in my products and collections. I really do, as cliché as it sounds, make every single item with love.

I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please do reach out to me if there is anything you would like to ask me, or if there are any requests you have for products. I really do want to hear from you!